Slim Click Pen
Slim Click Pen
Slim Click Pen
Slim Click Pen
Slim Click Pen
Slim Click Pen
Slim Click Pen
Slim Click Pen
Slim Click Pen
Slim Click Pen
Slim Click Pen
Slim Click Pen
Slim Click Pen

Slim Click Pen

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Everything you love about our Click EDC Pen, now in a slimmer profile! These pens are designed to let you have full control over your writing experience. They are internally adjustable to adapt to different shapes and lengths of refills, utilizing a patented front tip collet to minimize tip wiggle when writing. It's the perfect balance between a classic design and modern adaptability.


  • Fixed Length Slim Profile
  • Internally Adjustable to Accept 100+ Refills w/o any hacks or modifications
  • Patented Auto Adjusting Collet
  • Solid Metal Construction
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Worldwide Shipping

Compatible Refill List

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LIFETIME WARRANTY on all pens and tools

No red-tape, no run-arounds, just good ol' fashion service.

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Customer Reviews

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BK Teh
It gets better with each iteration!

My third pen from Big i Design. Bought the Ti Pocket Pro and also Brass Click EDC before. The latter is tip heavy due to the solid adjusting tip-barrel.

This Slim Click Ti version on other hand feels a little too light for my preference at mere 24g (sweetspot for me is 30g~40g). Was not aware that different material versions have different weight - should not have gotten over-excited when I first saw it, and should have done a bit more reading & research before excitedly clicking Add to Cart. I think the non-Ti versions (brass/copper) at about 38g would have been perfect heft for me. So on hindsight, perhaps I should have bought the Click EDC in Ti, and this Slim Click in brass/copper.

Nevertheless, weight balance is great on this Slim Click, unlike the Brass Click EDC.

I could fit in my favorite Waterman ballpoint refill though it was not specifically mentioned in the compatible refills list - there is only a Foray for Waterman. I have to max out the internal length, and add a stopper to the refill - just a random PVC wire sheath in black - to ensure the refill springs back fully into the barrel when retracting the pen.

Overall, I am excited to use this new pen. Well designed with the ingenious internal adjustment for refill length, great finishing as usual, and the quiet click mechanism. It's simply solid and worth the asking price. Will consider buying the copper version down the road too.

Suggestion to Big i Design - perhaps pen weight (and other specs) should be included in the item description, or create a separate Specifications tab for it; rather than having these crucial details buried in one of the many product pictures especially since different versions have different weight. Please consider it.

Best pen money can buy

This pen is incredible and the grip is crazy. This Zirconium pen feels like it has a rubber Texture to it for a better grip but it doesn’t. It’s just how this zirconium pen feels. this pen is everything I expected, and the weight is perfect. I have the click TI DLC black pen which I’ll probably will never use again. This is the pin of all pens, and I have a huge collection of expensive pens. with that being said nothing comes close to this pen. here they are side by side

Jollin Gonzales
Great quality!

I love the look and how balanced it feels. This is my 2nd one since I lost my very 1st one (I was bummed out). I like it so much that I didn’t mind purchasing a replacement for the lost one. What I love most about it is how I can try different refills. With the flexibility of accepting various refills, I finally figured out my go to refill.

richard daniels

very cool...
I have two others and this is a nice addition


Lovely pen!